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DVD online rental works in simple steps. You choose the DVDs online you want to watch; these get delivered by post and when you have finished viewing, you send the discs back in the freepost envelopes. Then when the rental company receives the DVDs, the next ones on your list will be sent out. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the service, and the actual price will depend on how many discs you are allowed to have 'out' (IE in your possession) at any one time.

You can send them back as you view them and keep a certain DVD out for longer if you want to watch it again or haven't got around to viewing it. You will of course only be able to have the number you are paying for at any one time. Most firms will offer a free trial period so that you can try the service out and if you are dissatisfied you can discontinue the service and pay no fee. Also worth looking at is how many DVDs each company offers, so if you're a real film buff and want t watch a rare movie, you may opt for one with a bigger selection.

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1 Month50000£9.99£12.99£14.99Umlimited DVDs out - prices as shown; DVD Light - 4.99, 2 per month, Max 1 DVD out; 7.99, 4 per month, Max 2 DVD out;;Apply for
Blockbuster online DVD rental offers 2 package types - the 'DVD Light' which limits total monthly renatls to 2 or 4 and the 'DVD Package' which offers unlimited rentals per month but with a maximum of 1,2 or 3 films out at any time. Free trial is a very good 1 month long and Blockbuster boast that you can choose from almost every DVD available in the UK. Prices shown are for Unlimited DVD Package More Information >>
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2 weeks65000£9.99£12.99£15.99Light use plans and Pay-as-you-go plans availableApply for
Love Film are probably the most well known UK online DVD rental company. A range of 65,000 films DVDS including Blu-Ray, as well as games rental and even an online shop. Plans start from 3.99 a month for online rental. More Information >>
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7 Days56000£7.96£13.93£19.907.96 - 4 Credits 1 DVD out; 13.93 - 8 Credits 2 DVDs out; 19.90 - 10 credits 3 DVDs outApply for
Easy DVD Rentals works purely on a credit pay-as-you-go system. You buy some credits, and these get used up as new titles get delivered. However the more credits you buy the more DVDs you can have out at any one time - see Package Information. More Information >>
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2 weeks50000£9.49£12.49£14.99Unlimited monthly and Limited monthly packages availableApply for
Cinema Paradiso offer over 50,000 titles and with subscription packages starting at 4.89. You can try the service for 2 weeks for free and cancel if it is not to your liking. There are two subscriptions models available - Unlimited monthly rentals for keen film addicts and Limited monthly rentals for 'weekend' watchers (cheaper but a limit on monthly rentals.) Prices shown are for unlimited rentals. More Information >>